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Jax Dane: I’m Jax Of All Trades, I’ll Welcome Blake Troop To The Dane Event

Jax Dane aims to beat his former tag team partner “Bulletproof” Blake Troop at NWA Samhain and get him back on track.

At NWA Samhain, Jax Dane will take on “Bulletproof” Blake Troop in a Submission Match. The bout will pit Dane against his former tag team partner in SVGS.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Jax Dane was asked to discuss his mindset ahead of the bout.

“My thought process is like it always is, straightforward and win. Obviously, it’s a submission match so, more in his alley, that’s his bag of tricks, man. That’s what he does. Blake Troop is a magnificent MMA fighter transitioning into wrestling. He was a pretty solid tag team partner but [Chris] Silvio got in his ear a little bit, made him believe he was the lead horse, the thoroughbred, the stallion of the team and got him sidetracked a little bit.

“So, hopefully, this beating will get him back on track and make him realize that Silvio is fool’s gold. I don’t think Troop’s the problem here. I think Silvio’s the problem, so I think we’ll rectify that and get Troop set on the right path.”

Jax Dane: Blake Troop Has Never Faced Someone Like Me

Jax Dane was then asked whether being Troop’s former tag team partner gave him an edge, as he knows his playbook. Dane noted that he knows what Troop does well, but he’s different than anyone Troop has faced before.

“Yeah, man. I know what he does and what he does well,” Jax Dane said. “He strikes well, he suplexes well, and he submits well. But at the end of the day, he’s never really climbed into the ring with somebody quite like myself. I’m 6-foot-three, I’m 292 pounds. I’m probably stronger than anybody he’s ever wrestler, probably more violent, more aggressive than anybody he’s ever wrestled.

“So I like my chances. The submission match isn’t quite what I wanted, but I wanted anything to get my hands on him, so it’s hard to tap out when you’re unconscious. When I pop the trunk, tapping out’s irrelevant, right?”

Jax Dane Highlights His Resume

When asked whether he has experience with submission matches, Dane admitted that they are new for him. However, he stated that he is a “Jax” of all trades, as he has a decorated career. He made it clear that he has already accomplished a lot, and Troop isn’t there yet.

“Submission matches, this is brand-new for me, but I’ve been doing this for a while, kind of a jack of all trades, or I guess you’d say a Jax of all trades,” Jax Dane said. “I’ve been in the ring with the best there is to offer, from AJ Styles to Tanahashi to Okada to Rob Conway. You go down the list, I’ve wrestled quite a few very accomplished wrestlers.

“Former NWA World Champion, NWA World Tag Team Champion, North American and National Champion, Smokey Mountain Cup winner, we can go down the list. Champions Series winner. I’ve done it all, and Blake Troop, as great as he is, as great as he’s gonna be, he’s just not there yet. But I welcome him to the Dane event.”

NWA Samhain will air on FITE on October 28. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.

Watch our full interview with Jax Dane below:

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