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Baron Corbin Reveals Vince McMahon’s Plan For Him To Beat Kurt Angle For Gold Medal

Baron Corbin recently joined Chris Van Vliet to discuss a myriad of topics, one of which being a scrapped plan involving Corbin and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.

Corbin said, “Vince [McMahon] had these ideas of now I have the gold medal. I’m the gold medalist like, it was super awesome. And then it just didn’t happen. Like something changed and we went in a different direction.”

Continuing on, Corbin discussed how things can change even though sometimes superstars feel like they are about to capitalize on momentum. He said “I think there’s been a few times where there’s that moment and it’s like, but how do we capitalize and then, you know, things change? I don’t know if somebody gets hurt, like I’ve had moments, we’re supposed to have a match with somebody that gonna lead and you know, they get dinged up and they got to, you know, we got to go this way now. So it kind of, you know, hurts that flow, but that’s the nature of the business. That’s the nature of the beast. And you know, they’ve got a lot of really talented writers that write these shows and maybe it’s something idea that they think is better than what they had. We go with that and maybe it doesn’t work.”

Corbin used the example of his ‘Sad Corbin’ gimmick which became overly popular with fans but was only done temporarily. Corbin remarked, “I mean, sad Corbin was random. I think we could have ran that for another six months and just really looked horrible. My hair would have been so bad.”

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