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Will Ospreay Says His Time In NJPW Is Running Out

Will Ospreay says his time in NJPW is running out ahead of NJPW Power Struggle.

At NJPW Power Struggle, Will Ospreay will put the IWGP United States Championship on the line against Shota Umino.

Ospreay discussed the match at the pre-show press conference and first highlighted how he has given his everything to NJPW. (H/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful for the transcription)

“I’ve grown up in front of them. This is why there is a connection issue. They want to see sacrifice. They want to see you sacrifice,” Will Ospreay said. “For eight years I’ve been in New Japan Pro Wrestling. They’ve seen me as a 22-year-old boy. I’m a 30-year-old man now, bruv. They feel safe with New Japan in my hands. They want to feel safe in your hands because my time is running out.

“I want you to dethrone me, I want you to beat me because I care about New Japan. I want it safe, I want it in safe hands. If you don’t come tomorrow, wanting to rip my face off, wanting to beat me to a bloody pulp because they’ve seen me bleed and sacrifice. I’ve missed funerals, my friends, and family because I’m constantly here giving my everything to New Japan Pro Wrestling.”

Will Ospreay Doesn’t Feel Safe Leaving NJPW In Shota Umino’s Hands

Will Ospreay continued by describing how he has grown throughout his time with NJPW. He stated that he has never dropped the ball when he has been given it. Ospreay noted that the time is running out, as his contract is set to expire in February 2024. He stated that Umino needs to beat him, but he noted that he doesn’t feel safe leaving the company in his hands.

“Right there, that says Grow Up. I’ve grown up in front of you guys, I’ve given you my heart. I’ve become a man in front of your eyes,” Will Ospreay said. “You guys have depended on me, and every single time I’ve been given the ball, I have not dropped it. I have fought for everyone here. In the darkest times, everyone has said, ‘It’s okay, give the ball to Ospreay.’

“The time is running out. You need to fight! You need to beat me. No, you’re not Omega, you’re not Okada, you’re not Takagi, you’re not Jericho, you’re not Tsuji, you’re not Zack Sabre Jr, you’re not Mike Bailey, you’re f–king Shota Umino. Fight for all of them, take this from me. If you don’t, I don’t feel safe leaving New Japan in your hands.”

IMPACT President Scott D’Amore has said there is a meaningful seat at the table for Will Ospreay. Check out his comments here.

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