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Mark Briscoe Apologized To Tony Khan For Getting Injured, He Wasn’t Mad

Mark Briscoe is excited to compete against Jay White tonight on AEW Dynamite.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Mark Briscoe recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. When asked about the knee injury that he’s been dealing with since 2018, Briscoe said he apologized to Tony Khan for being hurt, but Khan was mad and hooked him up with the Jacksonville Jaguars team doctor to help him with it instead, and now he’s feeling great.

“I apologized to Tony Khan, but he wasn’t mad,” Mark Briscoe said. “Tony hooked me up with the Jaguars’ team doctor. I had arthroscopic knee surgery to clean it up, and that’s when they found a floating piece of cartilage that was causing the problem.

“Now I’m feeling great. I’m excited to get back in that ring. I’ve been waiting to scratch this itch ever since I went out with the knee. I’ve been waiting, and I don’t particularly handle all that free time too well. Next thing you know, my wife is pregnant.”

A singles match between Mark Briscoe and The Switchblade

Mark Briscoe returned to the ring for a trios match on AEW Collision but returns to singles action tonight on AEW Dynamite against Bullet Club Gold leader Jay White.

“I’m excited to get in there and do some pro rasslin’,” Mark Briscoe said. “Jay White is a hell of a competitor. A singles program that really elevated him was with my brother. They had a hell of a series of matches right after he was a New Japan ‘Young Lion’ that springboarded him into his excellent singles wrestling career. He’s even been IWGP champion. I’m excited to lock horns with Switchblade. It’s been a few years.”

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