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Ahmed Johnson Wishes He Faced Goldberg in His Prime

When one talks about WCW, one of the things that comes to mind is the incredible winning streak of Goldberg. The 4-time World Champion had an incredible streak in that wrestling promotion. Recently, WWE and WCW veteran Ahmed Johnson shared that he wished to face the Goldberg during his prime.

In a recent interview with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion opened up about his wrestling career. During the interview, Johnson spoke about the wrestlers whom he had faced and also shared who was his favorite wrestler to work with. The wrestling veteran mentioned that one of his favorite people he worked with was WWE Hall of Famer Vader.

“He was a shooter”

“You know who I always liked? Vader… I love wrestling Vader. He was a shooter and he didn’t mind if your shot back on him. That’s the way he did. That’s the way he worked.”

Following that, Bill Apter asked which wrestler Ahmed Johnson would have loved to wrestle in their prime. Johnson replied by stating that he would love to have wrestled Goldberg.

“I would have loved to have a match against Goldberg… I think he gets a little bit in. Then I get mine in. Then I beat him with the Pearl River Plunge.”

Johnson also claimed that even after he got hit by a devastating Spear from Goldberg he would get up and have enough strength to even be able to defeat the former Universal Champion.

“I think I got up from it… They say he was the Black Ahmed Johnson because he used to come out like that. No trunks, you know no socks you know… They gave him a big push,” Johnson said.

Apter then corrected Johnson and said Goldberg would have been the white Ahmed Johnson, and he was also considered to be the white Mike Tyson.

A Clean Finish

Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan also viewed Goldberg as a Mike Tyson-like wrestler, telling WrestleZone why he booked him that way.

“I saw what he could bring to the table, but I knew he was limited,” Sullivan said of Goldberg. “I put him in short black boots, no socks, black tights. No ring jacket, ala Mike Tyson.”

Sullivan also shared his original pitch to end Goldberg’s streak. It didn’t ultimately happen, but he feels like it would have been better received than the infamous “cattle prod” finish that went down. Check out the full interview with Kevin Sullivan below:

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