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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Moose Wants To Make You Pee Your Pants By Making You Laugh, Or Beating You Up

Moose enjoys being a dual threat for IMPACT Wrestling and IPWF.

The IPWF (IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation) returns for Throwback Throwdown 4 this weekend. Moose will once again portray “DJ 2 Large” on the show, and he spoke with WrestleZone about getting a chance to step into the role once more.

Moose portrays a specific character who calls himself a “Wrestling God” in IMPACT Wrestling. With IPWF, he sees it as a chance to show everyone just how well-rounded he is.

“Honestly, I use this opportunity to show the world and the locker room that I can do it all. I can be a serious wrestler, I can be an entertainment wrestler. I can be the guy that makes you laugh and pee your pants,” Moose explained. “Or I can be the guy that makes you pee your pants by physically beating you up. I could do it all. I take pleasure in that.

“That’s the selling point of these shows,” he added. “You get to see some of your favorite wrestlers at IMPACT/TNA Wrestling show their range of different characters they can play. Some being goofy, some being off the walls. You’re going to see a lot of ‘Oh my goodness’ moments. It doesn’t necessarily mean wrestling, but the characters.”

Moose said he’s looking forward to going to Toronto for the fourth Throwback event so far. He joked that playing DJ 2 Large is fun because he doesn’t have to take a crazy amount of bumps and he can instead just “act a fool and dance and rap and entertain the fans.”

IPWF Event Info

IPWF Throwback Throwdown 4 takes place on Saturday, November 11. The event will be held at the Don Kolov Arena at Battle Arts Academy (4880 Tomken Road) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Bell time is 8 p.m. EST, with doors opening at 7.

IPWF legends Colt McCoy (Eddie Edwards), Tim Burr (Josh Alexander), DJ2Large (Moose), “Rough Rider” Georgia Cobb (Jordynne Grace), Rapid Delivery Pete (Rich Swann), Rip Rayzor (Ace Austin) with Rusty Iron (Gia Miller) are advertised to appear.

Footage from Throwback Throwdown will air in the future on IMPACT Wrestling’s flagship weekly TV show, Impact!, airing every Thursday night (8 p.m. EST) on AXS TVGame TV and Fight Network. The show also airs on YouTube as part of the IMPACT Insiders subscription plan.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Moose on WrestleZone soon!