Alicia Atout
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Alicia Atout Opens Up About The After-Effects Of A Concussion She Sustained In 2022

Alicia Atout discusses one of the emotional after-effects of her concussion.

MJF‘s tag team partner, Adam Cole, isn’t the only person to recently bounce back from a concussion. In a new video posted to YouTube, MJF’s girlfriend, on-air personality Alicia Atout, confirmed that she also sustained a concussion around mid-2022.

“I had a concussion about a year and a half ago,” Atout said. “I was at Nat’s place, aka Salina de la Renta in my life. Was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I started feeling really, really faint, and bam, hit the floor. Concrete floor, head hit it incredibly hard, and I was out like a light for about 15, 20 seconds. I woke up, thought I was dead seeing the Pearly Gates and angels in front of me. Then once my eyes started again to focus, I realized it was Nat and her boyfriend over me trying to get me awake, terrifying.”

“Now, the reason I share this is because it’s crazy the after-effects you feel. There was one thing that I started to realize and it was that for about a year, I was getting crazy overly emotional and I had no idea why. I’m a woman who would only cry in movies like Shawshank Redemption and if a dog died in a film. I didn’t cry a lot, and it got to the point where I was crying like five times a week. I go ‘What the hell is happening with to me? What’s going on?’ I was actually scared.”

While Atout was initially puzzled by increased emotional reactions, MJF eventually laid out a plausible reasoning behind it. In response, Atout sought out services from a chiropractor and a massage therapist to help alleviate some of these after-effects.

“Then it was Maxwell, my boyfriend, when we were talking, he said ‘I think I figured out the correlation here.’ He had mentioned how there’s a direct correlation of you being overly emotive l right after the concussion happened,” Atout said. “I never even thought of it that way, I was just so aloof. You don’t think of the obvious and it hit me, I go ‘Oh my goodness that’s the direct correlation.'”

“So I’ve been going to a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and they’ve been helping with everything,” Atout said. “It’s been a lot better, a lot less crying, trust me. I’d be upset over nothing and then all of a sudden I’d be super upset and not even feel it deep down. I just couldn’t understand. Now that the professionals told me what’s going on, we’re working on it. I’ve never been better in the year and a half since it happened. It’s very cool to have some answers so what a whirlwind though. What a scary moment.”

Atout worked as an interviewer and on-screen personality with MLW from 2019 until March of this year. She has also worked for IMPACT Wrestling and AEW in the past.

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