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Photo Credit: Alicia Atout / YouTube

Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza? Alicia Atout Says F*ck Yes

Alicia Atout is forever on team pineapple.

Atout posted a new Q&A vlog on YouTube and answered several fan-submitted questions. Alicia Atout worked as an interviewer and on-screen personality with MLW from 2019 until March of this year. She has also worked for IMPACT Wrestling and AEW in the past.

One fan asked her how she felt about the always-controversial topic of pineapple on pizza. Alicia Atout didn’t mince words and said she loves pineapple on pizza, and anyone that insults her for that opinion can go fuck themselves.

“Does pineapple belong on pizza? My answer, fuck yes. I have always loved pineapple on pizza. I grew up with the classic Hawaiian pizza, which is ham, cheese and pineapple. So I am all for it,” Atout explained.

“I have never understood why if you don’t like it, there’s this huge group of people online that would always bash us for it. But they can go fuck themselves because pineapple on pizza is where it’s at,” she stated. “It is the perfect hint of sweetness against everything else that is savory and I will forever be on that team.“

Where do you stand? Yes or no to pineapple on pizza? Masha Slamovich believes pineapple belongs on pizza… as well as kiwi and fried rice.

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