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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Bollywood Boyz Want Payback, Ask For A Punjabi Prison Match In Philadelphia

The Bollywood Boyz are one of the most fun tag teams in the world of professional wrestling. Win or lose, they never fail to entertain the fans and also have immense fun in the process. Recently, they put out a bizarre request and claimed to finally want their payback in 2024.

The brothers managed to achieve the most success and popularity as the henchmen of Jinder Mahal. While they were in the corner of the self-proclaimed Modern Day Maharaja, he managed to capture his first and only WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

It is to be noted that Jinder Mahal captured the top prize in World Wrestling Entertainment by defeating Randy Orton at the Backlash Premium Live Event in 2017. While The Viper tried to re-capture the WWE title on multiple occasions he continued to fail at his task. One of the main reasons was once again by Gurv and Harv Sihra, back then known as the Singh Brothers.

What seemed to be The Legend Killer’s final opportunity to win back the WWE World Heavyweight title was at the Battleground Premium Live Event. Jinder Mahal chose the stipulation for the match and it was a Punjabi Prison match.

During the match, Randy Orton threw both the Singh Brothers one by one from the top of the Punjabi Prison. The brothers took brutal bumps that night, but in the end, Mahal managed to steal the victory, thanks to the return of The Great Khali.

It seems like The Bollywood Boyz still haven’t forgotten that night as they have demanded that GCW bring back the Punjabi Prison so they could get some retribution.

“Someone bring back the Punjabi Prison match to Philadelphia – we’re getting our payback in 2024,” The Bollywood Boyz tweeted.

Would you like to see The Bollywood Boyz in a Punjabi Prison match?