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Steve-O Recalls Umaga Shooting On Him During Their Match On WWE RAW

Steve-O learned the hard way that when Umaga hits you hard, you stay down.

Jackass star Steve-O recently sat down with Tyler Treese of ComingSoon. When asked about Umaga shooting on him during their match on the October 16, 2006, episode of WWE RAW, Steve-O said it was crazy and didn’t realize The Samoan Bulldozer kept hitting him because he wasn’t “playing dead.”

“I just remember walking through what the match was going to look like,” Steve-O recalled. “You agree to sort of an outline, like bullet points of what moves are going to be, and you walked through it. Then I remember when the show was live, and it was actually happening. It was just such a wildly different experience.

“I felt like he was just hitting me so hard, and then the last move that we discussed happens, and it’s supposed to be over, but he is still hitting me. I didn’t know that he was hitting me because I wasn’t playing dead, and I didn’t know I was supposed to play dead. So, yeah, that got crazy, man. I actually don’t remember … yeah, I don’t remember leaving the ring at all.”

Meeting Vince McMahon

When asked if he interacted with Vince McMahon, Steve-O said Chris Pontius remembers the day better than he does.

“Pontius remembers it better than I do,” Steve-O said. “I seem to recall my first memory being in a control room. And according to Pontius, Vince McMahon was just super jazzed. Like, ‘Oh, that was great!’ I know that that’s how Pontius recounts it, but I don’t trust my own memory quite as much, so I’m just taking his word for it. [Laughs].”

Years later, Steve-O was scheduled to be involved with Johnny Knoxville’s spot at the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately for him, a positive COVID-19 test prevented that from happening.

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What do you make of Steve-O’s comments? Do you recall Umaga shooting on the Jackass star on WWE RAW? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.