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Samoa Joe Was Overjoyed To Voice King Shark In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Samoa Joe lent his voice to a member of the Suicide Squad in Rocksteady’s brand-new video game based on the Batman: Arkhamverse.

WrestleZone Senior Editor Matt Black recently spoke with the AEW World Champion to promote his involvement in the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League video game. Joe plays the role of King Shark in the game, which was released today.

“I’m overjoyed,” Samoa Joe admitted. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to create something with a company that created a trilogy that brought me hours of enjoyment and that I played through in full. It’s just surreal in a lot of instances, too to see I’m in a game for Rocksteady.

“And for maybe the average person, that may not be a huge thing. But for people who are involved in games who know what the Arkham series meant to the industry as a whole. How genre-defining it was, how much modern-day action games are kind of really based on the principles set forth in Arkham. I mean, it was an easy yes. And it was a tremendous honor.”

Samoa Joe believes Kevin Conroy is the iconic voice of Batman

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features the voice acting work of Kevin Conroy as Batman. Conroy was the legendary voice of Batman for decades, who sadly passed away in 2022. While they shared the same game, Joe unfortunately never interacted with Conroy while recording his lines.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t. Schedules didn’t quite match up,” Samoa Joe said. “Though, I will say this: when I think of who is the iconic voice of Batman in my head, despite all the amazing actors that have played him in the live-action movies, it’s Kevin. It’s that voice.

“It’s I am the night, you know, it’s him. And to be involved in a project, and especially this one, which may be the last one that we hear him in for me, I’m extremely honored to kind of be a part of something like that.”

More villains are coming via free DLC

The Joker has been announced as the first free DLC character for the video game; when asked what other characters he would like to see pop up in the future, Joe’s lips were sealed on the subject.

“Yeah, some I won’t say because I know they’re coming. So I don’t want to put that out there,” Samoa Joe said. “But a lot of them I can’t talk about. I mean, if I had to pick, maybe because I’m an Idris Elba fan, like the Onslaught; I mean, that was pretty badass.

“I think he’s got some cool geat that would kind of work well, I mean, there’s a lot. Man, now I realize if I do say something I’m confirming they’re not in the game. I can’t say nothing. What are you trying to do, man? You know I can’t say this stuff! [laughs]”

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is available now for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S consoles, and PC.

Check out our full interview with Samoa Joe below:

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