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Chad Gable Made The Mistake Of Watching Terrifier 2 In Public, Felt Disgusting For It

Chad Gable is a huge horror movie fan, but some films are definitely not for everyone.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard spoke with Gable about Alpha Academy’s love of horror movies. Gable and Otis previously spoke to WrestleZone about the true ‘king’ of slasher movies, so we had to check in and see what ‘Coach’ Gable could recommend this time. Gable said Terrifier 2 is a worthy title, and Pritchard joked that he was reluctant to watch it.

“You should be [afraid to watch it]! You should be,” Gable quipped.

Gable then explained how Otis first recommended it to him, so he watched it on the road… and didn’t feel great about introducing that kind of film in a public setting.

“Otis introduced me to it last year. We were on the road for a live event, so I just downloaded it. I was like, ‘I’ll watch this, check this out.’ Now, I made the mistake of watching it with other people around in public,” Gable said. “Don’t ever do that, because I felt disgusting while I was doing that.

“I watched the rest of the movie like this [feigns covering up the monitor to hide it from view] so the rest of them couldn’t see. Don’t watch it on a plane, but do watch it,” Gable noted. “It got immediately elevated to one of my favorites of all time. So… Art The Clown is the guy in that and it’s something man. It’s something.”

There’s a lot of good horror out there

As for a little more of a “friendly” pick? Chad Gable said the latest entry in the Exorcist series is a worthy pick, noting how many good horror films are out there now.

“Well, if you are an Exorcist fan, I don’t know if you have watched the original. But the new one that came out this fall [The Exorcist: Believer], I also went and saw that with Otis and my mom. That was kind of our tradition. But that was good. It was not as gory, not as graphic as Terrifier 2. So check that one out. I liked it, I enjoyed the story. Yeah. But there’s a lot of good horror out there right now man. We’re in a good time period.” 

Watch our full interview with Chad Gable below:

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