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Jazmin Allure On Mercedes Moné: She’s Definitely My Biggest Dream Match

Mercedes Moné is definitely a dream match for many young women who grew up watching her in WWE as Sasha Banks.

Jazmin Allure recently sat down with Jose Gonzalez of PWMania. When asked about what she does with her character to help her come across as a star, Allure spoke about getting inspiration growing up by watching Sasha Banks, now known as All Elite Wrestling‘s Mercedes Moné.

“Honestly, like growing up, it was a lot of people that I saw like on WWE, you know, like I grew up watching Sasha Banks too, and her gear was my favorite thing about her. So my gear is like inspired of her,” Jazmin Allure revealed. “She does like the straps in the arm, I do the straps in the leg.

“So that really was my inspiration of my gear, and like those vignettes and everything. I just wanted to showcase a different side of me this year. And that’s what I’ve been working on. So this year, I feel like it’s gonna be my best one yet. So I’m really excited.”

When asked about a potential dream match with Moné in AEW, Allure said that’s her biggest one at the moment.

“She’s definitely the biggest one,” Jazmin Allure admitted. “I will say that’s one of the reasons I got into wrestling the Four Horsewomen, especially her feud with Charlotte. Me and my dad would watch it like every week when they would go back and forth with the titles. So that’s a huge one.

“My dad is always like, so when are you going to wrestle her? When are you going to wrestle her? And I’m like, it’ll get there. So yeah, she’s the main one. Like I’m calling it right now, Mercedes Moné. Like that is the dream match, and it’s going to happen.”

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What do you make of Jazmin Allure’s comments? Would you like to see a match between her and Mercedes Moné? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.