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Natalya Can’t Wait to Wrestle Alba Fyre Once Again

Natalya has seen a lot of success throughout her career in WWE. The Queen of Harts is a former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. Recently, she wrestled on an episode of WWE Main Event. She competed against former NXT UK Women’s Champion Alba Fyre.

After a hard-fought battle, the Queen of Harts managed to pick up the win. A fan took to Twitter to praise both stars for their performance in the match. Natalya took notice of the fan’s message and replied by stating that she finally understands why other wrestlers praise Alba Fyre. She cannot wait to wrestle Fyre once again.

“Now I know what everyone meant when they said, “Alba’s amazing in the ring.” She truly is. Can’t wait for our next match,” Natalya tweeted.

Natalya is open to wrestling Gail Kim

Recently, the Queen of Harts was interviewed by Wrestlezone’s Editor-in-Chief Bill Pritchard. During the interview, Natalya mentioned that she used to train with Shayna Baszler even before the Queen of Spades signed with WWE.

She also shared that she’d love to share the squared circle with Gail Kim.

“I actually trained with Shayna Baszler and Josh Barnett prior to Shayna ever coming to the WWE. Its how I met Shayna, and ended up getting her a try-out with the WWE,” Natalya explained. “I had so much fun training with her Josh and she was interested in WWE, so I was like, ‘Let me get you a try out.’ So it’s funny how our two worlds kind of combined.

“I would love to do something like Bloodsport. I love how WWE is doing more — Triple H is allowing our world to be more open. At the Royal Rumble, for example, to have Jordynne Grace compete in the women’s Royal Rumble, it was amazing. For me, I would love to go to TNA and wrestle against Jordynne Grace,” she explained. I would love to pull Gail Kim out of retirement and to work with her. Gail Kim is a dream match, a dream opponent of mine.”

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