roxanne perez
Photo Credit: WWE

Roxanne Perez Is Still Waiting For Someone To Step Up To Her Level

One of the most anticipated matches of the night at NXT Heatwave was the one-on-one match between Lola Vice and ‘The Prodigy’ Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Perez headed into the Premium Live Event as the champion who had successfully defended her championship against veterans such as Chelsea Green, Natalya, and TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace. Lola Vice, on the other hand, had defeated Shayna Baszler in a Women’s Underground match.

The two stars put on a strong fight. But in the end, Roxanne Perez prevailed.

Following her win, The Prodigy Roxanne Perez was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. During the interview, Perez mentioned that she was a woman of her word as she promised to walk in and out of Toronto as the NXT Women’s Champion and that was exactly what she did.

“Did she [did Lola Vice give Roxanne a solid battle]? Did she? Oh, you think so? I don’t care what you think Sarah. I told everyone that I was gonna walk into Toronto with my baby and walk out of Toronto with my baby. And look at that. Another one down. It was Natalya, then it was Chelsea [Green], then it was Jordynne [Grace], the it was Lola Vice. So, until someone that’s actually on my level decides to step up, me and my baby will be waiting. We’re done here,” Roxanne Perez said.

Who do you think would be the one to dethrone The Prodigy?