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Billy Gunn: If I Don’t Have Fun, I’ll Grab My Shit, Walk Out The Door, And Never Come Back

Billy Gunn discusses his future in wrestling.

WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn, 60, remains featured on AEW programming as a member of The Acclaimed. He had a short-lived storyline retirement in 2023 before he returned and won the AEW World Trios Championship with The Acclaimed.

Speaking with Xenia for XeniaDidThat, the storyline with Billy Gunn’s brief retirement came up.

“I tried, trust me [laughs,” Billy Gunn said. “[Xenia notes that the wrestling world won’t let him go.] No, no. That’s the problem. I’m trying to get out, I’m trying to retire. I tried to retire one time, then my kids got in the business. So then I figured, well, let me go play with them a little while, that would be kind of cool. That’s the end of my career. It doesn’t get any bigger than that, to be able to work with your own kids. Then they turn on me, and I find new kids.

“Then I can’t let those kids down, so now I take those kids and beat those kids up. Now we got kids fighting all over the place, and I’m right in the middle. So I tried to quit. I said, ‘Hey, can’t do this no more, I’m gonna leave.’ That happened and lasted about two weeks, and I was back. Now, I’m back even more. It’s a nightmare. No [laughs]. ‘No, you can’t go away.’ I’m old, I can retire, it’s okay.”

Billy Gunn On His Future

Billy Gunn was then asked about his future and what he wanted to do. He joked that he wanted to quit. Gunn then stated that he wanted to have fun, and when that stopped being the case, he would walk away.

“[Laughs] I want to quit, that’s the next thing I want to do. No, I don’t know. I do this day by day. As long as I work out hard, I train right, I eat right. Those kinds of things keep me going. As long as I’m okay and I feel okay, and I feel ‘good’ as I can feel okay, then I’m fine. It’s not like I do a bunch of crazy things.

“It’s more for me, when I go out there, it’s more of a nostalgia thing and just move around and have some fun and do that. If that goes away, I go away. That’s 100%. I’ve had enough stress in this wrestling business to last me a lifetime. If I don’t have fun now, I literally will go get my shit and walk out that door and leave and never come back. And it’s okay because I’ve earned it [laughs].”

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