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Tyson Tomko: Without Christian Cage, I Don’t Know If I Make It As Far As I Did In TNA, WWE

Former WWE Superstar Tyson Tomko is one of the stars who made a name for himself for being the ‘Muscle’ of the faction. He was aligned with Captain Charisma Christian Cage. Recently, Tomko shared his honest thoughts about Christian Cage.

While speaking on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene, Tyson Tomko claimed that without the support and influence of Christian Cage, Tomko would not have seen as much success as he did in both WWE and TNA.

“I love Christian (Cage). Without Christian, I don’t even know if I make it as far as I do, both in WWE and TNA,” Tyson Tomko said. [H/T POST Wrestling]

Tyson Tomko reflects on his torn meniscus injury

During the same interview, Tyson Tomko reflected on one of his biggest injuries. It was a torn meniscus which happened during a match against Shawn Michaels.

“I tore my meniscus in Europe in a match with Shawn Michaels. Happened in the match. Basically said, ‘Oh, I’m fine,’ because I had torn my meniscus in college, a little bit, so I was familiar with what the surgery was gonna look like. You can get back pretty quick but I said, ‘Yeah, it’s nothing. I’m gonna be fine!’ I’m taping it up and I get back and they’re like, ‘You need surgery.’ So, this is a good story too. So I go get the meniscus surgery. They’re saying, ‘It’s gonna be three-to-four months. It’s three on the short side.’

“I call the office at five weeks talking about, ‘I’m ready.’ ‘Did you get released?’ ‘Yep, I’m released. I’m good.’ Because I’m doing hindus, I’m good, right? And it’s painful but I’m good and then I get back to TV and they had already replaced me as The Problem Solver. They had Viscera in the role and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ I go to Stephanie (McMahon), I’m like, ‘Oh, we’ll just make it for one night.’ ‘Can do you a promo?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ So Christian (Cage) does, ‘This is my one-night Problem Solver.’ So then I was like, they’re definitely trying to replace me so I’m never gonna tell ‘em my knee’s jacked up so, I can’t be the only one that was doing that. Well at least at our level. If you’re main event (then) you can probably get away with telling them you’re hurt…”[H/T POST Wrestling]

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