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Shelton Benjamin: I Had A Brief Conversation With AEW, MLW Reached Out

Shelton Benjamin hasn’t found an option that he’s satisfied with.

WWE released veteran Shelton Benjamin in a wave of cuts in September 2023. He has since returned to action on the independent scene. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion has been linked to AEW, but he has yet to make an appearance there.

Speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Shelton Benjamin was asked to comment on any interest he has received from AEW or TNA.

“I had a brief conversation with AEW, that hasn’t really bore any fruit yet,” Benjamin said. “But I’m still open. TNA I haven’t spoken with yet. I’m more than willing to work with them. I haven’t talked to them. I know MLW reached out. So you know, I’ve been presented with options. I just haven’t found something that I’m satisfied with.”

The video can be seen here:

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WrestleZone will provide more information about Shelton Benjamin’s future as it becomes available.

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet and his team for sharing the quotes in this article.