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Dani Jordyn Provides Update On Her Pro Wrestling Career

Dani Jordyn clarifies her in-ring status.

In late 2021, Dani Jordyn revealed that she had sustained nerve damage and torn cartilage, particularly surrounding her wrist, from a car accident that occurred that October. While she was medically cleared two months after the accident, Jordyn later noted that she not physically back at 100%, as she had a TFCC tear. After various treatments proved to be unsuccessful, Jordyn eventually opted to undergo surgery on her wrist in November 2022. Finally, in May 2023, the former IWE Women’s Champion return to action at Zicky Dice’s Outlandish 3 show.

Since her comeback last year, Jordyn has wrestled sporadically, with her latest in-ring appearance taking place at IWE’s Never Stop Fighting event on May 11. On Wednesday, Jordyn provided an update on her pro wrestling career status via X (formerly Twitter).

“Hey guys, a reminder I didn’t quit wrestling,” Jordyne wrote. “I wasn’t having fun, wasn’t happy, it became too much pressure to be the best/not out shine others at the same time. Got injured & took a LONG break. I’ve found happiness & peace in my life now & I’m ready to [wrestle] again.”

Balancing Passions

As noted in her series of posts, Jordyn’s attention has divided in recent years as she’s developed multiple passions and dreams. Outside of her professional wrestling work, Jordyn has also notably established herself as a personal trainer that’s driven to transform the lives of others.

While Jordyn continues to build her personal training resume, she also hopes to re-build her love for wrestling. Jordyn’s biggest priority, though, is making the most of the time she has in her life.

“Wrestling was never my only dream,” Jordyn wrote. “I have A LOT of passions. A lot of dreams. I only have ONE life & idk how long I’ll be here. So why chase after one dream for so long when I could chase them all? I want to try whatever I can & never have the regret of NOT trying it at all.

“I feel I have much to offer the world, wrestling isn’t the only thing I’m good at, I appreciate the love & wanting to see me back in the ring, I really do!! But please don’t think I’ve “given up” on my dream when I’m so happy changing people’s lives as a personal trainer too.”

“I want to find that love/passion I have for wrestling like I did before. I moved to ATL to become a wrestler & be a world champion one day & I remind myself that every day. If I quit one day, it’s not me giving up. It’s me wanting to chase another dream while I still have time.”

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