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Chad Gable Reflects On Last Decade Of His Career, Says It’s All Been ‘So Special’

Chad Gable will compete in a title match at WWE King and Queen of the Ring. He will challenge Sami Zayn for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a match that also includes Bronson Reed. This will mark Gable’s latest opportunity to win a title. Ahead of the show, he looked back on his journey up to this point.

Speaking with TNT Sports, Chad Gable reflected on the last decade of his career.

“I do quite a bit, and I have to remind myself to do it, because sometimes things move so quickly, and your perspective can kind of get a little rattled if you don’t,” Chad Gable said. “So you have to hone that in and kind of look at it in a way of how special and lucky you are to really be doing this. Otherwise, frustrations and things can kind of throw you off kilter really quick if things aren’t going perfectly according to plan or something.

“So I do it quite often, and when I do kind of dial in my perspective, it reminds me of how special this has all been. Not just in a sense of living my dream that I’ve always had as a kid, which is the coolest part.”

Chad Gable: I’m Really Grateful For All Of It

Chad Gable then highlighted how he has seen the world and met many fans. He made it clear that it was all special, and he was very grateful.

“I’ve seen the world, you know, 20 times over because of this,” Chad Gable said. “I’ve been to the UK, which is one of my favorite things we do, just an endless amount of times, I’ve lost count. Europe, places like Saudi Arabia, China, all over…South America. And that’s been special, it’s one of my favorite parts, is to travel.

“The people I’ve met, the fans that I’ve met, the interactions and the ability to perform on the stages that I’ve had, in front of 80,000 people, it’s mind-blowing. It’s crazy to look back at and realize that it’s actually happened, but it’s so special man, and I’m really grateful for all of it.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of WWE King and Queen of the Ring as it airs on May 25.

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