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WWE King And Queen Of The Ring: Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan Result

With an unlikely assist from Dominik Mysterio at WWE King and Queen of the Ring, Liv Morgan is your new Women’s World Champion.

The finish saw Becky Lynch have Liv Morgan in the Disarmher, but Dominik Mysterio shows up at ringside and distracts Lynch. Mysterio slides a chair into the ring and distracts the referee as Morgan DDTs Lynch on the chair and then hits her with ObLIVion to score the pinfall victory.

While commentary tried to play up Mysterio’s interference backfiring. Recent storytelling in the background in recent weeks on RAW has led many fans to believe that Liv and Dominik are working together.

WWE King and Queen of the Ring results

Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

WWE Women’s World Champion: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan

Morgan and Lynch lock up and feel each other out. They shove each other. Lynch drops Morgan with a big boot. They head to the outside, and Lynch slams Morgan onto the apron. Back in the ring, Morgan gains the upper hand and she sends Lynch crashing off the ropes and down to the mat. She levels Lynch with a clothesline. Morgan slams Lynch’s face on the turnbuckle and continues to control the action.

Both women are down after a double clothesline. They trade blows. Lynch rallies with a flurry of offense. She takes Morgan down with a baseball slide dropkick. Lynch keeps rolling with a missile dropkick. Morgan takes control again. Lynch counters Oblivion with an inverted DDT for a two-count. Morgan counters a slam into a pin attempt and rocks Lynch with a running knee. Lynch and Morgan exchange strikes. Lynch goes for an arm-bar, but Morgan evades it and locks in a submission of her own. The champion locks in the Disarm-Her.

Dominik Mysterio shows up at ringside. Lynch releases the hold and yells at Dominik. Morgan counters the Man-handle Slam into a Codebreaker. Lynch rallies with a superplex. Dominik puts a chair in the ring and distracts the referee. Morgan slams Lynch with a DDT onto the chair and hits Oblivion for the win.

Winner and new WWE Women’s World Champion: Liv Morgan

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What are your thoughts on this match result? Did the right woman leave WWE King and Queen of the Ring with the Women’s World Championship? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.