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WWE King And Queen Of The Ring: Sami Zayn vs. Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed Result

Sami Zayn overcomes the odds and retains his Intercontinental Championship at WWE King and Queen of the Ring.

The finish saw Chad Gable berate Otis at ringside to attack Sami Zayn. Otis eventually agreed, but it backfired, and Zayn ducked, and Otis hit Gable with a lariat instead. Zayn slides back in the ring and hits Bronson Reed with a Helluva Kick to score the pinfall victory.

WWE King and Queen of the Ring results

Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Bronson Reed vs. Chad Gable (with Otis)

The three competitors immediately take the fight to each other. Zayn dives onto Reed at ringside. Zayn gains the upper hand, but Reed overpowers him. Reed double-teams Zayn and Gable. Gable traps Zayn in the apron and unloads on him. Gable takes Zayn down with a missile dropkick. Zayn fires up and dives onto Gable and Reed at ringside. He gets a two-count with a sunset flip. Gable takes out Reed’s knee. He goes for a superplex, but Reed slams both men.

Zayn drops Reed with a tornado DDT. Gable traps Zayn in an ankle lock. He grapevines the hold, and Reed tries to break it up, but Gable puts him in an ankle lock. Zayn slams Reed with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Reed slams Gable and Zayn. He dives onto Gable and Zayn at ringside. Zayn dodges a splash from Reed. Gable floors Zayn with some German suplexes. Reed dumps Gable and Zayn with a German suplex. Otis trucks over Reed at ringside. Otis refuses to hit Zayn, and Gable yells at him. Gable shoves Reed and gets in his face. He slaps him.

Zayn ducks a clothesline, and Otis accidentally hits Gable. Back in the ring, Zayn pins Reed with the Helluva Kick.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn

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