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Triple H Addresses Controversial Finish To The King Of The Ring Finals

Triple H has responded to the controversial finish of Randy Orton and Gunther‘s match earlier today at WWE King and Queen of the Ring.

The finish of the King of the Ring finals this afternoon was unfortunately disputed due to the fact that Orton’s shoulder was up when Gunther pinned him to win the crown.

Proving that we are truly in a new era of WWE, Triple H took to social media following the show to address the finish and what will happen next.

“So live, I was out there, from my vantage point, it was very difficult to see,” Triple H admitted. “I was in the ring, handed the crown to Gunther; very happy for him. Incredible night. What a performance they both put on. Coming back here and seeing it back look, I saw exactly what you saw. I saw what everybody saw. I saw what everybody is talking about.

“It didn’t really even seem controversial to me; it just seemed like Randy Orton’s shoulder wasn’t down. But I’m gonna say this, the referee’s decision is final. Gunther is your King of the Ring. That being said, especially after what I saw tonight, I certainly want to see that again. I think Randy Orton deserves to have another shot at that.

A future rematch between Randy Orton and Gunther?

“And I think if I know anything about Gunther, he will want to have another shot at that to take the controversy out to take the asterik off of the page where it says King of the Ring for him. I think he will want to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is better than Randy Orton.

“So I think, having seen Randy back here, he’s pretty banged up. Both his knee and his back. I think it’s going to be a moment or two before he is ready to step back into the ring with Gunther, but when he is, let’s go.”

Hunter’s comments have already led to speculation online that a rematch could take place at Clash at the Castle with Gunther’s SummerSlam title shot on the line. Will this actually happen? We’ll find out soon enough.

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What do you make of Triple H’s comments? Are you excited to see a rematch between Randy Orton and Gunther in the near future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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