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WWE King And Queen Of The Ring: Randy Orton vs. Gunther Result

Gunther was crowned the new King this afternoon at WWE King and Queen of the Ring.

The finish saw Randy Orton hit a second RKO on Gunther and go for the win, but Gunther attacked Orton’s knee and reversed the pinfall into a rollup to score the pinfall victory.

While it wasn’t fully acknowledged on commentary, Orton’s shoulder was up during the pinfall which might be a storyline coming out of this match. Triple H presented Gunther with the Crown following the match.

WWE King and Queen of the Ring results

Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

WWE King of the Ring Tournament: Randy Orton vs. Gunther

Orton and Gunther square off and feel each other out. The match is a stalemate early on, as they’re evenly matched. Orton drops Gunther with a shoulder tackle and grounds him. Gunther drills Orton with a cheap shot. He chops Orton. Orton fires up with some punches. Gunther responds with a stiff blow. Orton drops him with a European uppercut. Gunther grounds Orton as he stomps on his back.

Orton rallies, but Gunther blasts him with a chop. Gunther evades an early RKO attempt. Gunther maintains the advantage and grounds Orton. Orton rallies and suplexes Gunther. “The Ring General” takes control and floors Orton with a clothesline. Orton catches Gunther with a snap powerslam. Orton drops Gunther with a spike DDT.

Gunther counters the RKO and slams Orton. He hits a diving splash for a two-count. Orton catches Gunther with an RKO out of nowhere, but Gunther rolls out of the ring. “The Viper” slams Gunther onto the broadcast table. He dumps Gunther onto the floor and slams him onto the broadcast table. Back in the ring, Gunther targets Orton’s leg. He locks in a half-crab. Orton escapes and hits an RKO for a two-count. Gunther catches Orton with a pin for the win., but Randy’s shoulder wasn’t down.

Winner and King of the Ring: Gunther

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What are your thoughts on this match result? Did the right man leave WWE King and Queen of the Ring with the crown and future title shot? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.