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Sami Zayn Says He’s On Top Of The World After Win At WWE King And Queen Of The Ring

Sami Zayn retained the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE King and Queen of the Ring. There, he defeated Bronson Reed and Chad Gable. However, the match was only part of the reason the experience meant a lot to Zayn. Zayn says the trip made him feel whole.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Sami Zayn discussed his win and his emotional trip to Saudi Arabia. He emphasized how special coming to Saudi Arabia was for him.

“I truly don’t know how to put it because it is a surreal thing that’s very hard to describe to people,” Sami Zayn said. “When you come to a part of the world that is such central part of who you are, and I know it’s not a central part of the Sami Zayn character, I realize that. I know a lot of people watching at home might not even know that I’m Arab or that I’m Muslim or that I’m Syrian, or whatever it is.

“But it’s such a central part of who I am as a person that when I come here, there’s a part of me that feels complete in a way that I don’t even know that’s missing when I’m not here. Just being around my people, my language, the food, the sounds, the smells, everything, it’s too hard to put into words unless you understand what that is, to be brought up in one culture, two cultures, really. Again, I’m just having a really putting it into words.”

Sami Zayn Feels Lucky And Humbled

Sami Zayn went on to say that he felt whole. He stated that he felt lucky for the run he had been on. Zayn noted that he was humbled by it all, and he was on top of the world.

“You’re catching me right after the match, so I’m struggling a bit. But I just feel so whole,” Sami Zayn said. “The reception they gave me, I just feel so lucky. The last couple of years, between WrestleMania and Montreal and Saudi and these responses that I’ve been getting, I’m just so humbled by it all.

“I’m on top of the world. I don’t have the words, just grateful, humble, proud, thankful to be here.” 

Zayn previously won the title at WWE WrestleMania 40. He dethroned Gunther and ended his incredible run.

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