Photo Credit: MJF via Instagram

MJF Shows Off His Incredible Physical Transformation Since Return To AEW

MJF has showcased his incredible physical transformation since his return to AEW.

The former AEW Champion returned to the company at Double or Nothing 2024, attacking Adam Cole and putting their rivalry to bed. It was the first time fans had seen him since AEW World’s End, when he dropped his title to Samoa Joe in the main event.

MJF returned at Double or Nothing, looking healthier than ever. His shoulder injury is healed, and he looks fitter and healthier than he has in a long time. Now, he looks better than ever, and cites a new nutrition plan as the reason behind it.

In an Instagram post, MJF posted comparison shots. The first showed him after his match with Samoa Joe. It shows him bloated, looking unhappy and generally unhealthy. This is compared to a photo from Double or Nothing, where he looks healthy, tanned and completely cut.

In the caption, he gives credit to Adam Pfau for his transformation, encouraging his fans to follow him. MJF wrote “Follow @apfau he completely changed my body with his nutrition plan.”

MJF gave context for the two photos in a subsequent comment. He explained where the photos came from, and explained the severity of his shoulder injury.

The former AEW Champion said his shoulder was “mangled”, and he couldn’t even run due to the intense pain. He is presumably healed now, and will be back in an AEW soon.

“For those asking. The left side is from after my match with Joe. My left shoulder was so mangled I couldn’t lift it over my head. I couldn’t even do cardio cuz the slight sway of my arms was excruciatingly painful.”

MJF is set to return to AEW Dynamite tonight, and will likely begin a new storyline.