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Photo Credit: WWE

Mark Henry: Don’t Be Mad At WWE That I Lost To John Cena, My Body Couldn’t Do It

One of the most talked about promos in WWE is the one where WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry fooled the WWE Universe and John Cena that he was retiring. But it was a swerve as Henry attacked Cena and wanted to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But as the feud came to an end, Cena managed to pick up the win and retain his title.

While speaking on a recent episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast, Mark Henry revealed that he wanted to lose against Cena because of the pressure of trying to be champion with his mounting health issues.

“I built that for a year. It was a calendar year of me going, ‘I think I’m done.’ When my contract came up, I actually told Vince, ‘I’m not re-signing.’ He did the ‘come into my office. Let me talk to you.’ He talked me into coming back and doing all that. People mad at WWE… don’t be mad at WWE because I lost to John Cena. The same way I did not want to beat Taker at WrestleMania is the same way that I did not want to have to carry the strap and the pressure of that.

“Also, my body couldn’t do it. When you’re the main event guy and you hold the title, every night, you’re going to do two walks, a promo, an in-ring, a main event style match, and then you go to the next town. You’re on every show, every brand. I couldn’t do it. I physically couldn’t do it. It was not their fault. It was the fact that, ‘No, I’m not doing it,'” said Mark Henry. [H/T]

Do you think that Mark Henry should have won the World Heavyweight Championship after the ‘fake retirement’ promo?