CM Punk WWE Clash at the Castle
Photo Credit: WWE

Mark Henry Details What He Wants To See From CM Punk And Drew McIntyre Feud

Mark Henry wants to see CM Punk win world title gold in WWE, but doesn’t see Drew McIntyre allowing it.

The feud between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre has been heating up hugely in recent weeks. Despite being injured, Punk cost McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship in his hometown of Glasgow at Clash at the Castle.

This led to McIntyre “quitting” the WWE on Monday Night Raw, but returning to lay out Punk on Smackdown. The rivalry is reaching a fever pitch. Once CM Punk is cleared to wrestle, the match will be an incredibly heated affair.

Mark Henry spoke on Busted Open Radio about the current rivlarly. He detailed what he wants to see from CM Punk when he returns from his injury.

He said that Punk “better be careful” about Drew McIntyre. Furthermore, he notes that the Scot won’t let Punk beat Damien Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship.

“CM Punk — if he says he’s cleared, his ass better be doing that live from remote somewhere, because if I’m Drew, I’m waiting at the curtain,” Mark Henry said. “Punk better be careful. He better be careful, because when you saw Drew that day and he said, ‘I quit,’ that’s when you don’t have [anything] to lose. The last thing you want is a big ass man to be so mad that they feel like they don’t have anything to lose.”

“You give him everything. You put him in the match against the best guys. They’re headlining on every card, right beneath the main event, right beneath the title, if somebody’s got the world title. Hell, I wanted Punk to take the title off Damien Priest, but that’s not gonna happen because Drew is not going to allow it to happen.”