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Tony Khan Sees More Sneaker Deals For AEW Based On Young Bucks’ Success With Reebok

All Elite Wrestling is continuing to branch out into the world of advertising, most recently with shoe collaborations between Reebok, something that Tony Khan says could become the norm.

Speaking to Uproxx, Khan opened up about the recent collaboration between Reebok and The Young Bucks, which featured a limited edition pair of shoes modeled after the color scheme of the tag team.

“Matthew and Nicholas (Jackson) are very entrepreneurial particularly when it comes to footwear and the shoe business,” Khan said. “Their ideas and thoughts for the shoe release have been embraced and TBS and TNT have really enjoyed working with AEW on the release of the shoes. I think definitely it’s been very promising results for this release.”

Based on the success of the Reebok shoes, Khan also said he thinks “more opportunities” will become available in the future.

“And based on that, I would imagine there’d be more opportunities to do more partnerships around shoe releases for AEW.”

The Young Bucks announced all 3,000 pairs of their sneakers sold out.

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