WWE NXT Battleground Women's North American Championship
Photo Credit: WWE

Inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion Crowned At WWE NXT Battleground

Kelani Jordan made history at WWE NXT Battleground.

At NXT Battleground, Kelani Jordan became the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion. She emerged victorious in a Ladder Match that also included Fallon Henley, Jaida Parker, Michin, Lash Legend, and Sol Ruca. All the competitors put their bodies on the line and dished out punishment with ladders.

Jordan ultimately clinched the win after she hit a split-legged moonsault and proceeded to climb the ladder and unhook the title.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Henley tries to climb but gets taken out by Ruca. Parker lands a diving hip attack on Jordan while she’s on the ladder. After a series of reversals, Legend sends Michin into a ladder. Michin pulls Legend off a ladder. Legend puts Michin in a sleeper. Henley hops on Legend’s back and puts her in a sleeper. Jordan hops on Henley’s back. We have a four-way sleeper! Ruca gives Parker a facebuster on a ladder. Ruca does the same to Henley. Parker cuts off Henley as she tries to climb the ladder. Everyone fights over who will climb the ladder.

Legend and Ruca fight on top of a ladder. Each woman tries a superplex. Neither can get the advantage. Ruca tries a sunset bomb, but Legend holds on. The field bands together, pulls Legend off the ladder, and press slams her over the top onto a ladder. Ruca surprises Parker with a Sol Snatcher. Ruca leaps off the ladder and hits the Sol Snatcher on Henley. Jordan crushes Michin with a split-legged moonsault on a ladder. Jordan climbs the ladder and pulls down the title for the win!

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