WWE NXT Heatwave Kelani Jordan Sol Ruca
Photo Credit: WWE

WWE NXT Heatwave: Kelani Jordan vs. Sol Ruca Result

Kelani Jordan defended the gold at WWE NXT Heatwave.

Sol Ruca challenged Kelani Jordan for the NXT Women’s North American Championship. They battled back and forth in a thrilling bout as they showcased their impressive athleticism. Both women took flight with dives that wowed the crowd, including a 450 clothesline by Ruca.

Jordan evaded a Sol Snatcher attempt, but Ruca took control again. Jordan persevered and hit a Poisonrana before she clinched the win with a split-legged moonsault.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Both women are out on the floor as the referee counts. Jordan and Ruca both manage to break the count at 9.9. Ruca and Jordan trade pin attempts. Powerbomb by Ruca. Jordan kicks out. Jordan attempts a 450, but Ruca gets her knees up. Ruca sets up the Sol Snatcher, but Jordan catches her foot and slams her to the mat. Ruca kicks out. Jordan tries another poison rana, but Ruca blocks it. Ruca walks Jordan up to the top rope on her shoulders. Jordan reverses Ruca into a top rope poison rana. Jordan hits One of a Kind for the win.

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