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Piper Niven Hopes NXT Europe ‘Does Become A Thing’, Is Modeled After NXT UK

Piper Niven hopes NXT Europe follows NXT UK‘s formula.

NXT UK previously went on hiatus in August 2022. WWE announced their plan to launch NXT Europe in 2023. However, the brand has yet to take the next step. Updates have been few and far between.

Speaking with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Piper Niven was asked to comment on what her hopes would be for the next generation of European talent when NXT Europe launches. She highlighted the depth of talent in NXT UK.

“I would hope that they really modeled it a lot off of NXT UK because NXT UK was a gold mine,” Piper Niven said. “There was so much talent in there and there was so many people working hard to be better every single day. When you look at main roster and NXT now is absolutely prevalent and, present company, GUNTHER, Gallus, so many stars that came from there. So they obviously had the formula right. I always thought that NXT UK was the best wrestling that unfortunately didn’t get enough eyes on it.

“I really hope that NXT Europe does become a thing. If it does or when it does, I would love to go and help out because a lot of the talent from NXT did come and help and show us the ropes and what was expected of us and how we perform on TV. I would love to be a part of that and, pass the information that I can on and help the next generation.”

As of this writing, there is no word on when NXT Europe will launch. WrestleZone will monitor the situation and provide more information as it becomes available.

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