Je'Von Evans WWE NXT
Photo Credit: WWE

Je’Von Evans Provides Injury Update After 6/11 WWE NXT

Je’Von Evans is banged up.

Je’Von Evans took a rough fall on the June 11 episode of WWE NXT. During his match against Shawn Spears, Evans went for a dive to the outside and landed hard rib-first on the commentary table. Evans bled from the mouth, and Spears went on to pick up the win.

In a tweet, Je’Von Evans provided an update on his condition. He wrote that he was all good, but he had some “messed up” ribs. Evans stated that, according to his doctor, the ribs are cracked but not broken. The NXT star also expressed his hope to compete in the battle royal for a shot at the NXT Championship on the June 18 episode of WWE NXT.

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