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The Rock Gives Update On Elbow Injury While Filming ‘The Smashing Machine’

The Rock is still suffering from injuries from his latest movie.

Despite having not wrestled since WrestleMania 40, The Rock has been in the wars with his next project. He came out of his match with Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins unscathed, but suffered an injury while shooting his follow-up movie.

The Rock revealed he suffered an elbow injury earlier this week. He posted on Instagram to confirm he “smashed up” his elbow while filming his new film, The Smashing Machine.

The People’s Champion gave fans an update on his elbow via Instagram. He posted a gnarly looking photo, showing a huge amount of bruising in an around his right elbow. It looked black and purple, as The Rock smiled for the camera as he presented it to the camera.

He accompanied this with a caption, explaining how the injury had no extensive tissue damage and will eventually heal back to normal. He then, as always, said he was going to drink tequila to help heal.

“Elbow got kissed by the boo boo monster ? ??No extensive tissue damage.

Ruptured bursa sac that will eventually heal. I’ve had much worse, and as always let pain – and tequila – be the guide ? Back to work.#thesmashingmachine #bennysafdie (thank you all for the love and healing/medicine recommendations ❤️‍? Im good ??)”

One might begin to suspect The Rock has some kind of stake in a tequila company. Who knows.

Cody Rhodes Learnt Of The Rock vs Roman Reigns At The 2024 Royal Rumble

The Rock was originally supposed to face Roman Reings at WrestleMania 40, a fact Cody Rhodes only learnt the day of his massive Royal Rumble victory.

Cody Rhodes appeared on Busted Open Radio, and spoke about finding out about the original plans. He revealed he found out the day of the Royal Rumble, which made it an incredibly difficult day for him.

“We talked a little bit about that in the behind-the-scenes documentary. The one thing that is revealed in that documentary and might put things in a different perspective for people is I found out the possibility of The Rock versus Roman Reigns the day of the Royal Rumble,” Rhodes revealed. “I had to leave that room, head up, and make sure no one knew what could possibly happened. One of the more difficult days I’ve had in the wrestling business. But also, how could you complain when you’re winning the Royal Rumble, when you’re pointing at the sign?”