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AJ Styles On Potential Retirement Match: I’m Not Sure Of Anything, Who Knows?

AJ Styles says he isn’t sure of anything, so he is focused on the present heading into WWE Clash at the Castle.

AJ Styles, 47, has been wrestling since 1998. He has been a world champion in WWE, TNA, and NJPW, and he remains a top star in WWE. However, he has noted that he knows he has less years ahead of him as an in-ring performer than he does behind him. WWE even leaned into this dynamic during his feud with Cody Rhodes.

Speaking with Jamal Niaz for Seconds Out, AJ Styles was asked what the ideal scenario for his retirement match would be. He noted that he was not sure of anything.

“I’m not sure who that opponent is,” Styles said. “I’m not sure what the story will be, I’m not sure of anything right now, I’m not sure that I’ll make it out of tomorrow night without having to retire. Who knows what could happen? All I know is that today, I’m gonna enjoy SmackDown. Tomorrow, I’m gonna tear the house down with Cody Rhodes. I’m gonna enjoy both those.”

AJ Styles recently discussed his potential retirement. Check out his comments here.

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