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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jeff Hardy Says He’s Excited About Rebuilding His Career

Jeff Hardy wants to prove that the light inside of him will shine brighter than ever.

Following a turbulent run in AEW, Jeff Hardy left the promotion when his contract expired and returned to TNA at Against All Odds. In doing so, he reunited with his brother, Matt Hardy, and started a new chapter of his career.

Speaking with MuscleManMalcolm, Jeff Hardy discussed his career and looked forward to the road ahead.

“With me and things that have happened in my personal life, I’ve had to rebuild things over and over again, and I’m very excited about rebuilding this time, not to burn it down,” Jeff Hardy said. “I’m talking about my career and my existence. When I think about [CM Punk] when we talked last time, I always say he’s such a superpower, but I had that superpower at one point in my life, and I’m rebuilding to get it back because I have an amazing connection with the fans, as everybody knows.

“I just gotta prove to myself and them that there’s a little light inside of me that’s gonna shine brighter than ever.”

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