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Seth Rollins Returns On WWE RAW, Accepts Damian Priest’s Challenge For WWE Money In The Bank

Seth Rollins is back, and he is set to challenge for the gold.

On the June 17 episode of WWE RAW, Seth Rollins appeared for the first time since the second night of WrestleMania 40, when he got involved in Cody Rhodes’ match against Roman Reigns. The former World Heavyweight Champion, who had been recovering from knee surgery, made his way to the ring.

Rollins welcomed fans to RAW and introduced himself as the host. He said he missed the fans. Rollins addressed his return and set his sights on winning Money in the Bank, as it would be the fastest way to get back into the title picture.

Damian Priest Confronts Seth Rollins

World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest interrupted and said he wanted to welcome Rollins back. He told Rollins it was good to have him back. He said that he wanted to cash in on Rollins out of respect. Priest stated that it was no longer Monday Night Rollins, as everyone rose for him now.

Rollins fired back by noting that they had a lot in common, as they followed similar paths. He then said that, unlike Priest, he grew a set, as he realized that he had to stand on his own. Rollins questioned what kind of champion Priest wanted to be. Priest responded by saying that times had changed, and he wanted to dismiss the notion that Rollins was better than him. He challenged Rollins to face him at WWE Money in the Bank, and Rollins accepted.

Drew McIntyre previously beat Seth Rollins to win the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE WrestleMania 40. Damian Priest then cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on McIntyre.

Update: Adam Pearce then confirmed the title match for WWE Money in the Bank.

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