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Johnny Gargano And Candice LeRae Finalized Their WWE Contracts In A Walmart 

Johnny Gargano and Candice LaRae took a trip down memory lane in their local Walmart.

The WWE Superstars have been with the company for a number of years. Gargano joined in 2015 with NXT. Although he left for a brief time in 2021, he returned less than a year later. Meanwhile, LeRae debuted in 2017, and has been on and off due to various reasons since then.

In the latest vlog from Johnny Gargano, he and Candice LeRae traversed a local Walmart, before revealing its true significance.

He revealed the couple were in that very same store when they got the news their WWE contracts had been finalized. They received a call from their agent, before Triple H texted them, saying “LFG” (Let’s Fucking Go!).

Given the fact that both Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae got the call at the same time would mean that this was for their 2022 return to the company.

“We’re in Walmart now. Little-known fact for everybody: we’re actually in this area right now in Walmart when we got a text from our agent that our contracts were finalized with WWE. The deal was done, negotiations were done, and everything was agreed upon. We are right here in this spot in this Walmart looking for a printer. I don’t remember why we needed one. And then Hunter texted us shortly after that and said, ‘LFG.'”

Johnny Gargano: My Dream Is To Wrestle At Cleveland Browns’ Stadium

Johnny Gargano wants to achieve a childhood dream of wrestling at the Cleveland Browns Stadium

During a recent interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Johnny Gargano revealed that he is a huge fan of the team. Having had his senior prom and birthday party at the stadium, he wants WWE to run a show there so he can also wrestle there too.

“So yeah, it is even wilder. I had my senior prom at Cleveland Browns Stadium. I had my 30th birthday party at Cleveland Browns Stadium. And I have spent countless Sundays in Cleveland Browns Stadium as a Browns fan. And when I was younger, Browns weren’t great,” Johnny Gargano noted. “Everyone knows this. So, I don’t know how many fourth quarters I spent in those stands, up in the nose bleeds section, just daydreaming of the possibility of a WWE event being in that stadium. And I never thought it would happen.

“I thought it was like the craziest, wildest dream that would never come true. There’s no way that WWE would run Cleveland Browns Stadium. Like, it’s open air, it’s not that huge of a market like, all that stuff you hear about it. I didn’t just think it would even happen. But the fact that it’s finally happening is amazing to me. It’s literally the dream. My literal dream of wrestling in that stadium could come true. And that’s the coolest thing in the world for me,” Johnny Gargano said.