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Photo Credit: @AwesomeBigMike via Twitter

Baltimore Orioles Legend Rick Dempsey And Ken Dixon Put Joe Keys Through A Table At Jimmy’s TailGOAT

Baltimore Orioles legend Rick Dempsey made quite the impression in the ring at Jimmy’s TailGOAT.

The 74-year-old baseball legend rolled back the years as he got involved with the Rock & Wrestling TailGOAT on June 15th. The event saw MCW Pro Wrestling team up with Jimmy’s Famous Seafood to put on this “Father’s Day Weekend Spectacle”.

The event was advertised as a show to highlight what makes American so special. It combined baseball, wrestling and delicious food, as well as music from the 1980s and 1990s, to help draw in the dads!

A number of celebrity guest were advertised for the event. This included Rick Dempsey, who shocked fans by stepping into the ring and getting involved in the action.

The fourth match on the card was a street fight. It saw Ken Dixon battling Joseph Keys in some no-holds-barred action to get the crowd going. The match saw weaponry and food used to try and beat their opponent, but it was Rick Dempsey who helped Ken Dixon pick up the win.

A clip posted to Twitter showed his involvement in the match.

At some point, he leaped into the ring as Keys was on the top rope. Rick Dempsey helped Dixon to launch keys off the top rope, hotting a two-man powerbomb through a table. Dixon pinned his opponent, as Dempsey slapped Keys in the face while flexing his biceps to the prone wrestler.

Joseph Keys responded to the video. He posted a simple Twitter comment, posting a middle finger emoji before the words “Rick Dempsey”. That showed how he really felt about the Baltimore Orioles legend getting involved in the match, and for good reason.