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Joe Hendry Believes He Will Share The Ring With The Rock One Day

Joe Hendry is everywhere right now and believes that one day he’ll stand in the ring with The Final Boss.

TNA Wrestling‘s Joe Hendry was a recent guest on Gabby AF. When asked about recently being acknowledged on WWE RAW and NXT in recent weeks, Hendry said he’s always had faith that he has something to offer professional wrestling.

“It’s awesome. I just remember a time during lockdown where my dream just felt so far away,” Joe Hendry admitted. “I just had this faith and this belief that I had something to offer professional wrestling. And I got back on the grind and was fortunate enough to be signed by TNA.

“I’ve had such a great time thus far just learning this craft and just giving it my best. It’s just been so awesome. And so to get that respect and acknowledgment across professional wrestling has been very humbling and awesome.”

When asked if there is anyone in WWE right now that he’d like to share the ring with, Henry pointed to The Rock as someone he believes he’ll share the ring with one day.

“I can’t tell you why this sounds crazy,” Joe Hendry began. “I want you to save this clip because I don’t know how — the fact that NXT is working with TNA, the fact that being a TNA talent, we now have the possibility we can now think about all these matchups and situations. I’m going to say a few crazy things right here because I just believe it to be true.

“If you go online, you will fight a promo of me in 2017 calling out The Rock. And I just, for whatever reason, believe in my heart that one day, I will stand face to face with The Rock in a professional wrestling ring. I just don’t know why; I just think it’s going to happen one day.”

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What do you make of Joe Hendry’s comments? Do you believe he’ll share the ring with The Rock one day? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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