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Photo Credit: Darby Allin via Instagram

Darby Allin Is Giving Away A Ring-Worn Jacket For Charity

Following his failure to climb Mount Everest, Darby Allin is giving away a ring-worn jacket in aid of charity.

The AEW star has announced a contest to win a jacket worn twice on TV for the Skatepark Project charity. Allin has previously discussed working with Tony Hawk on the project and will now help to raise even more money.

He previously aimed to climb Mount Everest to raise funds for Tony Hawk’s Skatepark Project. Sadly, a broken foot put a stop to that. But Allin has found new ways to help raise more money for the initiative.

Darby Allin announced on Twitter that fans will have a chance to win a jacket from him. The pink and black coat was worn twice by Darby Allin: once at the AEW World’s End PPV and again on the January 3rd, 2024, episode of Dynamite when he wrestled Konosuke Takeshita.

He has begun a contest on Hoodlum.shop to win the jacket. Every purchase of the “broken foot X-ray socks” will enter you in a draw to win the jacket. Given that the broken foot stopped him from climbing Everest, the fact that it’s helping him raise money now is a nice touch.

On Twitter, Darby Allin said:

“Buy broken foot X-ray socks enters a chance to win ring jacket,” while the Hoodlum website added more details about the contest. They said the winner will be announced on the 4th of July, giving fans just a few weeks to get their entries in. The socks cost just $12 or $20 for two pairs. The winner will be announced on 7/4.

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