Kasey Catal

Kasey Catal Knew Her In-Ring Return Had To Be A Deathmatch: It’s My Bread And Butter, Where I Thrive

Kasey Catal looks back on her comeback.

After eight months on the shelf, Kasey Catal made a triumphant in-ring return at GCW’s March 2024 So Much Fun event. During a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, Katal reflected on her return match, which saw her boast a win over a hardcore legend in John Wayne Murdoch.

Despite previously being sidelined with a broken nose, Katal noted that she was keen on seeing her official comeback take form in a death match. As such, the stage was set for Katal to face Murdoch at Game Changer Wrestling.

“I knew when I was coming back I wanted it to be a death match,” Katal said. “I wanted it to be with John Wayne Murdoch because it’s full circle. John has been a friend, a mentor, just a legend. One of the best people in the entire world, in every right. He has taught me so much. And I wanted that big moment to be with him, and I wanted it to be a death match, something that I’m comfortable with, my bread and butter.”

“I know it sounds crazy, but those are the matches I thrive in, and I feel most self,” Katal continued. “So I knew it had to be there. I knew it had to be with him. And it was actually two years and one day from our first match ever, so it was really cool to be able to kind of tell that story.”

Confidence Booster

Regarding her respective performance, Katal noted that despite her own retrospective criticisms, the positive reaction from live audience emerged as a notable confidence booster for her in that moment.

“I’m my biggest critic ever, everyone is. I was like, ‘Oh, man, there’s so many things I wish I could have done different.’ You always go back and you just nitpick everything, but for what it was, it was so special,” Katal said. “The crowd made me feel so comfortable and so confident. It was a really good return, so I’m really happy with it.”

Since returning to action in March, Katal has wrestled on three more GCW shows, including Joey Janela’s Spring Break, and most recently, Cage Of Survival 3. In the latter, Katal competed in a Gauntlet of Survival match for the then vacant GCW Championship.

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