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Ace Steel: The Rascalz Have A Bright Future, I’m Floored By What They Can Do

Ace Steel recently teamed up with Joe Hendry, but there are other TNA stars he has his eye on.

Steel recently spoke with WrestleZone about his on-air pairing with Hendry. Hendry already has fan support, but Steel wants him to adopt a “killer instinct” that many past world champions and his mentors had.

Steel, who also works as a producer backstage in TNA, was asked who else he wants to work with on the TNA roster. He touted the Rascalz (Zach Wentz and Trey Miguel) as being two names that really impressed him, noting that Wentz helps out at his Foundation wrestling school in Florida.

“Oh sure. I’m a huge fan of the Rascalz. Huge fan of the Rascalz. Zach Wentz actually pops down to my school and helps quite a bit. And that is just a respectful thing that he does for me. But I’ve become such a huge fan,” Steel said. “I knew him just a little bit from being at the WWE Performance Center and at NXT when he and Wes Lee came in. I was amazed at the things that they were doing. And I had no knowledge of them [then]. So, now getting to really work with him and see him at shows and see what those guys have or when they wrestle ABC, I’m just floored by the things that they could do. I think tag teams like that, they have such a bright future.”

Cross The Line

Steel went on to name ABC’s Chris Bey and Ace Austin as another team with a lot of potential. He also touted Mike Santana and Steve Maclin who really add something special to the TNA roster.

“Santana is on fire. Holy Cow! I haven’t seen such a spark in him, and I have worked with him previously a little bit [in AEW]. I’ve seen him over the years, man he is on fire [now],” Steel said.

“Steve Maclin is giving us everything we need out of a hard-nosed fighter. I love that feel that he brings. And The System is on top doing well. Those are more the, I say the ‘older fellows’ that have been in the industry for quite a long time that have finally shifted their focus to do their best to take over TNA. So, we are starting to cross paths.”

Steel said that’s another reason he’s been helping Joe Hendry out in TNA, comparing him to a Lone Ranger. He said people like those he mentioned are doing some great business, and hopes the rest of the world starts catching on.

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