Pat McAfee WWE Royal Rumble
Photo Credit: WWE

Pat McAfee Addresses Speculation That Wyatt Sicks Shut Down 6/20 Pat McAfee Show

Pat McAfee comments on the speculation.

Many fans assumed that the Wyatt Sicks got to Pat McAfee when the June 20 episode of The Pat McAfee Show ended abruptly after the power went out. The same audio of Bray Wyatt shutting down the power played, which fueled the speculation. This came after the sound was heard upon the arrival of the Wyatt Sicks on Monday’s episode of WWE RAW.

McAfee took to Twitter and commented on the situation. He noted that an “eerie” power outage took place and shut down the program. He noted that he saw the speculation that the Wyatt Sicks were involved, and that he and the crew might be “dead”. McAfee then shared footage of what actually happened to reveal that everyone was okay.

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