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Mandy Rose Addresses Comparisons Between Her Pairing With Otis To Maxxine Dupri And Otis

Mandy Rose notes that Maxxine Dupri‘s storyline with Otis is similar to her own.

In 2020, Mandy Rose was involved in a memorable romance storyline with Otis that led to the duo kissing at the empty-arena WrestleMania 36. In recent weeks, Otis has been involved in another popular story with Maxxine Dupri as members of Alpha Academy. Otis walked out on Chad Gable on the June 17 episode of WWE RAW. This came after he carried Dupri to the back when she got knocked down during Gable’s match at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Speaking on her Power Alphas podcast, Mandy Rose commented on the similarities, noting that the angle at WWE Clash at the Castle drew some comparisons. (H/t Jason McCullum of Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)

“At Clash at the Castle, Otis picked up Maxxine like he picked up me,” Mandy Rose said. “Obviously that’s been done before, but you know it’s getting a lot of comparisons.”

After calling her storyline with Otis one of the greatest of all time, Mandy Rose expressed her wish that the payoff of the duo kissing could have been at a typical WrestleMania.

“That big kiss that happened in the performance center, we wished that was in front of thousands of people because that crowd would have erupted,” Rose said.

Mandy Rose On Alpha Academy

Mandy Rose continued by noting that she understood what WWE was doing with the Dupri storyline. She shared her belief that it was a talented group.

“I understand what they’re doing with the Maxxine thing right now,” Mandy Rose said. “I think it’s actually a really entertaining group, I think Chad Gable’s really come a long way. He’s actually a really good heel.”

Fans will have to wait and see what will happen next with Maxxine Dupri and Otis. WrestleZone has coverage of WWE RAW as it airs every Monday.

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