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Photo Credit: WWE

Xavier Woods Says He Doesn’t Want To Come Into Work Because Of The Wyatt Sicks

Xavier Woods is apparently scared of The Wyatt Sicks, so much so that he said he did not want to come into work.

In a tweet on June 24, Xavier Woods said that he did not want to come into work. He noted that he was concerned about The Wyatt Sicks. Woods detailed how assault is clearly part of WWE contracts, as people get jumped all the time. That being said, he pointed out that “murder” was nowhere to be found in them. He claimed that it was clear that Chad Gable got “murdered” when The Wyatt Sicks attacked him. Woods stated that he didn’t want to catch a stray like Gable.

At the end of the video, Xavier Woods said he had to go back to sleep, put a pin in today, and start over because tomorrow was a new day. He said, “I’m out,” before the conclusion of the video.

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