Bo Dallas WWE RAW
Photo Credit: WWE

Bo Dallas Opens Up About Losing Bray Wyatt In Promo On 6/24 WWE RAW

Bo Dallas says all he ever wanted was to be like his brother.

It was widely been known that Bo Dallas was the man under the Uncle Howdy mask. As Uncle Howdy, he briefly worked with his brother, Bray Wyatt, at the end of Wyatt’s time in WWE. Howdy was then absent for over a year, as Wyatt passed away in August.

Uncle Howdy returned on the June 17 episode of WWE RAW, and the Wyatt Sicks made a violent first impression as they laid out everyone backstage. The following week, Nikki Cross of the Wyatt Sicks gave Michael Cole a VHS tape. WWE played the tape, and Uncle Howdy was shown talking to someone, who was revealed to be Dallas.

Howdy asked Dallas what it felt like when his brother died. Dallas said that all he ever wanted was to be like his brother, and he wanted to be him. He said that they were going to rule together, and they finally made it, but it was taken away. Dallas said that nobody felt what he did from this loss.

Howdy asked Bo Dallas if he felt like he was exposing his brother’s legacy. Dallas said that they wanted to forget about him, and the rest of the group, but they made everyone remember. Howdy said they did, and the two of them were shown sitting together.

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