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Joe Hendry Teases Appearing At WWE NXT Heatwave

Joe Hendry has teased his return to NXT.

The TNA star broke the internet when he made a surprise debut on NXT last week. Hendry entered a 25-man battle royal to determine the next challenger for Trick Williams‘ NXT Championship.

Hendry was quickly eliminated by Frankie Kazarian, but he quickly teased that he could come back. His appearance has sparked plenty of buzz; the clip of his debut has been viewed over 7 million times. It is the most-viewed clip from WWE socials since WrestleMania, and Hendry seemingly looks set to return at some point.

Joe Hendry recently teased an appearance at the upcoming NXT Heatwave event. He posted a photo of himself outside the famous Joe’s Ice Cream shop in Swansea, Wales. In the post, Hendry wrote that it was an “absolute Heatwave”. He capitalized the word “Heatwave”, a clear reference to the July 7th NXT show that is set to emanate from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

Given the reports that Joe Hendry looks likely to make more appearances in NXT, it seems obvious that this is a hint towards his potential future in the WWE.

Ace Steel Explains Joe Hendry Partnership In TNA

Joe Hendry has been paired with Ace Steel in TNA in recent weeks. While this was surprising to some, given the way he left AEW, Ace Steel explained why the pair have been put together.

Steel recently spoke with WrestleZone and explained that he is there to help give Joe Hendry that killer instict, and help work on his in-ring abilities.

He complimented the Scot, saying he has innate charisma and can command the crowd at will.

“Oh no. It’s working his in-ring, what he does in-ring, focusing 100%. He obviously has the crowd with the charisma, and that’s something you can’t teach. You can’t teach that. You can tell people to come out of their shell and hopefully, they do. With a guy like CM Punk, you couldn’t tell him to stop talking on the mic. He always gravitated, could connect with the crowd with anybody, from the independents to, obviously, look at him now [in WWE].”

“But Joe has had that intangible. He can go out there. He’s done that himself. Everything he’s done from working in Ring of Honor at an earlier time to when he got a shot in TNA. I’m being 100% serious; until I came on board with TNA, I had not heard of Joe Hendry. I may have heard the name but I wasn’t invested in him.”

“And from the first night, it was actually in Chicago, last October when I started in TNA. From the first night I saw him in the ring, I was like, ‘Wow, this guy has got something.’.”

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.