Mina Shirakawa kissing Mariah May AEW Dynamite
Photo Credit: AEW

Mina Shirakawa: Mariah May Is My Best Friend, Our Bond Is Very Literal

Mina Shirakawa loves Mariah May, and is incredibly happy for her success.

Mariah May has quickly become a top name in the AEW women’s division. This is thanks to her partnership with Toni Storm, with their relationship being front-and-center in many women’s title feuds this year.

However, they will have to contend with May’s first love, Mina Shirakawa. The Artist of Stardom Champion will battle Toni Storm for the AEW Women’s Championship at Forbidden Door, with her past friendship with Mariah May playing into the feud on television.

Mina Shirakawa recently spoke with Righteous Reg and Phil Lindsey for Fightful‘s Grapsody, and was asked about her relationship with Mariah May. The Japanese star revealed Mariah is her best friend, and that she was her first mentor when they teamed together in Stardom.

Shirakawa delved into their past in Stardom together. She talked about how she led Mariah May in the Club Venus faction. This led to them butting heads due to the cultural difference, but it ultimately brought them closer together in their relationship.

“Mariah May is my best friend and best partner, and she said Mina is her first mentor. We love each other, so I am very happy for her success in AEW. It’s hard to describe my feeling for Mariah. I feel many emotions for Mariah.”

“When she was in Japan, I built a new unit called “Club Venus”. That was a fast experience for me. I became a unit leader, and Club Venus has British, Japanese and also American people. Sometimes, we clash over culture difference. We held meetings many times when problems happened. Lots of meetings, talking. Our bond was not easy to form, but our bond is very literal. I love Mariah so much! I respect her so much, so i am so, so happy for her success in AEW.