Karrion Kross
Photo Credit: WWE

Karrion Kross To Xavier Woods: Do You Want To Be Marty Jannetty, Or Shawn Michaels?

Is Xavier Woods a Shawn or Marty?

For several weeks now, former NXT World Champion and the leader of the Final Testament, Karrion Kross has been trying to convince Xavier Woods to part ways with Kofi Kingston. This week, Kross had a one-on-one match with Kingston. As the two were battling it out, the AOP took out Woods backstage. As Kingston looked to go and help his tag team partner out, Kross capitalized and managed to pick up the win.

Later in the night, the leader of the Final Testament Karrion Kross was interviewed by Cathy Kelly during Raw Talk. During the interview, Korss mentioned that he wanted Woods to realize that Kingston was not the apt partner for the former King of the Ring tournament winner.

“You’re honest at what you do. I appreciate the question. But, so am I [honest at what I do]. I said Mano a Mano, one on one. No one else would be at ringside and they weren’t. Now, I could find forgiveness in my heart for Xavier Woods. But AOP? Probably not. Because I don’t tell them what to think, and what to say, and what to do, like Kofi does to Xavier. Now, I’m going to explain something very simple to you, Woods, the longer you are going to hang around with this guy, the longer you are going to suffer. Do you wanna be Marty Jannetty? Or do you want to be Shawn Michaels? Make up your mind. Tick Tock,” Karrion Kross said.

Do you think Xavier Woods should listen to Kross?